BMWs.EU belongs to Estonian company DigiLED OÜ ( from here on) which is founded in 2015 in Tartu, Estonia.

In the 90's we specialized in audio and consumer electronics repairs which later grew into professional mobile phones repair service. In 2007 we moved our main focus to automotive electrical repairs. In 2015 we narrowed our focus mainly to BMW electrical repairs, small segment still belongs to Mercedes, Volvo and VAG group vehicles. We are most well known for BMW's electronics modules repairs (CCC, M-ASK, CIC, FRM3, BM54, MULF etc.).


What separates us from the rest of the "wolfpack" is our professional confidence in our work and therefore we almost always give one year guarantee to all repaired modules. One year guarantee does not apply to modules with liquid damage for example.

More detailed description of our services is given HERE

Since 2018 we are also providing one year guarantees to our abroad customers (EU only at the moment). Current site gives all the necessary information to our abroad customers about services we provide.