List of problems with BMW E-series associated with CCC module
  •     Display not working at all, "black screen"
  •     BMW logo displayed only and/or boot loop.
  •     Intermittent sound, random reboots.
  •     CD/DVD drive not functioning properly and so on...
Problem with CCC hardware(HW) versions 4.1-6.1 is inadequate cooling - Cooling fan start temperature is too high which leads to module malfunction. Electrical components deterioration over time. For cooling problems repairs the entire unit is needed for servicing. With HW versions 9.2-12.7 most of the previous problems have been resolved. Component degradation still remains which causes boot loop, module freezes on start (BMW logo is shown) or "black screen".

CCC module repair service is mainly motherboard repair. CD/DVD drive faults are under different service and do not cause boot loop, freeze on BMW logo and "black screen".

NB! "CAPACITOR CHANGE" repair that you can find on the internet is a hoax. Those 3 capacitors are for power and audio stabilization only and DO NOT CAUSE boot loop, BMW logo and "black screen" problems!
For repair service contact us directly or trough one of our resellers. You can find contacts in the reseller PAGE. Before sending in your unit please contact us and give detailed information about your problems and wait for confirmation.

You can also send us motherboard only, if it HAS NOT BEEN repaired before and the board is removed correctly. Check out the instructional video below.

NB! When removing the motherboard there is a great chance of damage to the board itself, FLEX cables and optical cables. If you are not confident in your abilities send us the entire unit. Especially on HW versions 4.1-6.1, we can also resolve cooling problems if the entire unit is provided.

We code all devices before shipping with client vehicle VIN number. Therefore be sure that you provide us with the correct VIN number. Furthermore please notify us about any retrofits that the car has (AUX input, Full MP3 CD support, custom add-ons, etc..). also provides multimedia devices coding via remote connection if the device has coding problems after repairs. Internet connection, Teamviewer, INPA cable and NCS EXPERT is needed (all installation instructions can be found on Google).