CCC - Car Communication Computer

The second generation of BMW's E-series multimedia devices. The structure of CCC's main menu is same for the end user throughout all hardware and software versions of the module. There are two different color schemes for the menu, older version is brown and newer is silver. In 2007 the latest version of CCC came out, the 8 button version added user configurable buttons under the CD drive slot in addition to the iDrive. Users could configure the additional buttons to save their preferred radio stations, menu shortcuts, etc.

CCC has been in service since 2003 on 1-series to 5-series and also on X-series since 2007. For Navigation functions DVD-ROM with map data was needed. Production of the CCC was ended in 2009.

The motherboard of CCC module has three revisions (or generations), we offer repair service to all of them.

CIC - Car Information Computer

Was introduced in 2008. It had newer menu, visuals, offered a lot more possibilities and had a newer and more accurate navigational support (100m with CCC vs. 25m with CIC). New Navigation was with 3D support, maps update was done via USB flashdrive and ran from the built in HDD. In addition, the CIC had the possibility to play different types of media via USB and DVD drives, also there was an added possibility to save and play music and video files straight from the built in HDD.

CIC was carried on from the E-series to the F-series. Although E and F-series menu structure looks the same a whole new hardware was implemented on the newer model. CIC was produced 2008-2013. is only offering repair services to E-series CIC modules at the moment.

The evolution of the CIC was the NBT(Next Big Thing) and after that the NBT EVO which is currently still in production. provides repair services for the E-series CCC and CIC modules, F-series CIC and NBT modules are not yet in our list of works. Soon...
The iDrive system is for controlling different multimedia modules and browsing in the menu. BMW uses "one button" version of the system (with CCC) and also "seven button" version (CIC and newer). There are a lot of different versions of iDrive available, but they are mostly somewhat foolproof. Most problems are related to liquid damage. Most common type of iDrive error is with e70 asnd E90, push function does not work (scroll function remains working), can help with that kind of problem.
BMW Old Idrive

Simpler units with less options used with E-series. Mostly without Navigation support or without map Navigation was provided (directional arrows and distance). Menu structure is not as diverse and can be recognized by use of a smaller main display. There is no additional slot for DVD and navigational data was read from a CD-ROM live. The second generation of M-ASK was introduced in 2007. Newer module has 8 programmable buttons. With F-series M-ASK was replaced with MOVE and ENTRY, "small screen" versions of NBT and CIC. is only offering repair service for M-ASK modules at the moment.

E65 Multimedia
This 7-series model is somewhat different from the rest of the E-series, because all of the modules were used separately. In CCC all of the modules were put in a single unit, in E65 Navigation, ASK, Tuner, Gateway and Applications are all separate. Also there are major differences in menu's structure and control logic. Main problems with E65's multimedia systems are:
  • ASK - No sound
  • Navigation - Problems with DVD drive; random freezing
  • Tuner - No FM/AM available
  • Logic7 (if equipped)- No bass/subwoofers is offering different repairs for E65 multimedia devices. It is somewhat more difficult and for correct assessment please contact us first. More detailed information about the current problem is needed.
BMW E65 multimedia